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An angry trader is demanding the closure of Orient after Saturday's violent scenes in Leyton.

"Don't let's close the shops, let's close the grounds," said Norman Fairbanks, a Leyton Rotary Club officer and High Road sub-postmaster.

The outburst came after thousands of Manchester United fans had invaded the area for the first Orient home game this season.

"Let's face it we don't like these crowds-- they kill trade. You imagine people are afraid to go out shopping," he said.

Mr Fairbanks said some of the fans had told him: "You've got some guts opening up with us down here."

Others bragged about the shoplifting and the violence.

"We are being forced to close our shops, " he continued, "but why should we? The Orient bring crowds down not us."

But although many of the traders suffered in one
way or another from the Orient match not all of them agree with him.

One manager said: " It's like a war. Wars come and go but they don't last for ever."

Waltham Forest Chamber of Commerce President Laurie Dorling-- who describes himself as a football fan with a soft spot for Orient- said "It's a very desperate situation and very bad for sport.

"There must be some more precautions taken and we are going to speak to the police about this."

A spokesman for Orient said: "This is ridiculous. This is one match out of many. It has never really happened before and it's not likely to happen again."
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Jonathan Brind