31 October, 1984INDEX
In 1984 Leyton CLP was one of the sponsors of a resolution to the Labour Party Conference on behalf of the People's Mojahedin. At the time I was the constituency secretary and I went to the conference resolution compositing meeting.

I remember meeting up with a guy from the Mojahedin who told of others in the organisation in Europe who had been targeted by death squads. It seems odd now because Iran is seen as an extremist Islamic state and the Mojahedin as the Islamic extremists in Afghanistan.

In all probably the Afghanistan Mojahedin are totally different to the Iranian lot. In any case at the time the CIA were supporting the anti Russian elements in Afghanistan (like the Mojahedin).

Interestingly Eric Heffer, then deputy leader of the Labour party , I think, represented the NEC when it came to the conference debate. At about that time Heffer had startled me by tapping me on the back when I was canvassing in Leyton. He was lost and needed help finding a hall where he was supposed to do some public speaking.

I jumped into his posh car and directed him to the hall and then startled him by immediately leaving and returning to canvassing. He said: I thought you must be coming to the meeting?

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Oct 31, 1984.INDEX

Jonathan Brind