INDEX December 29, 1986

December 29, 1986.

3 St Helier's Road,
London E10 6BH

Dear Frank & Jenny, I don't even know if I've sent this to the correct address. Still perhaps you'll get it some time in 1987.

Chris Hill came round and gave us a lampshade and two small frames for Christmas. Other than Chris I don't think we see many folk that you know. Except I did see Dee round at Lorna's place the other day. She was looking well------appears to have blossomed. But she's still subject to disasters. She's just had her purse picked in Oxford St and lost a week's wages, £100. Still there's no need to send a food parcel. She's just got a tax rebate.

Another person I bump into fairly regularly is Paddy Joyce. Being a councillor now we quite often prop up the council bar together. But our relationship has changed some what (as you might imagine). Paddy keeps on at me about getting the Labour group (we run the council) to expand the press office. You can imagine my enthusiasm for that idea. Paddy, himself, is slimmer than I remember But maybe that's just 'cause I'm a lot fatter than I was and he just seems slim by comparison.

Anyway, if you do come to Europe some time let us know. The kids are relatively civilised now (Arthur's five and Laura's seven). You're also welcome to ring up in the middle of the night if you wish------we have an answer phone now. Yours Laura Jo & Clare Arthur