'Sinister' attacks after rise in rates


A LONDON council leader has said a "sinister organisation" is to blame for frightening incidents following a rate rise.

The leader of Waltham Forest council, Neil Gerrard, 44, said that, following the 62 per cent rise, three councillors including himself have suffered threatening phone calls and one had a lump of concrete thrown at his home. Their phone numbers were printed in a leaflet protesting at the rise and issued by a group called the Friends of Waltham Forest.

But he said a rumour that the incidents were forcing him to leave his home was not true. He also said a rumour that the mayor, Mohammed Khan, was moving out of the borough was false.

Councillor Gerrard said: "The phone callers warned the councillors that their lives were in danger. I'm sure there is some sinister organisation behind everything that has been happening."

Last month the Rate payers Action Group organised a 5,000-strong protest outside the Town Hall against the rise.

Threats: Neil Gerrard

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