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Death threat to black councillor

by Shekhar Bhatia

AS THOUSANDS of demonstrators prepare to march on Waltham Forest town hall tonight, police were today investigating another threat against a Labour councillor.

A petrol bomb attack on the home of council leader Neil Gerrard and threats against the life of his deputy have already been probed by police.

Now Asian councillor Amarjit Devgun says he has received a threat in the post. He said today: " I have been sent an official will with my name on it, and it says 'This is the last will and testament of Amarjit Devgun'. I see this as a threat against me as it also had on it 'National Front Against The Rate Rise'." ,

He added:" It shook the hell out of me, and I've handed it over to Chingford police ".

The will form arrived at Mr Devgun's home and has his full name and address and telephone number printed on it.

He said: "I believe that there is a large element of an extreme Right-wing organisation which has got involved in this campaign against the rates rise.

"There are five black councillors on the council and we were all racially abused when these people demonstrated outside the town hall last month."

Irate Waltham Forest residents are outraged at the 62.2p rate rise implemented by the newly-elected Labour administration.

Demonstrators plan to protest outside the town hall tonight as Labour stalwart Bill Pearmine is made the new Mayor, taking over from Mr Mohamed Khan.

The Waltham Forest Ratepayers Action Group says it has collected several thousand pounds to engage legal representation to oppose the rate rise and is co-ordinating a petition to be sent to the Environment Secretary.

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