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Mass rate march

By Sally Manfield

WALTHAM Forest was all set for its biggest demonstration ever yesterday (Thursday) when thousands of angry ratepayers were expected to descend on the town hall to protest about the record rate rise.

The action group, which is spearheading the campaign to get the rates reduced, was confident as many as 50,000 people would show up for the demonstration.

The Waltham Forest Ratepayers Action Group have planned the march to coincide with the Mayor's Inaugural Meeting at the town hall.

A two-pronged advance was planned, with marchers converging from the Chingford end of the borough in one group and from the Walthamstow, Leyton and Leytonstone end in the other.


Extra police were expected to be on duty in a bid to control the mass of marchers.

Members of the action group claim they have enough evidence to take Waltham Forest Council to court over the enormous increase.

And to illustrate their resolve a borough-wide petition is being sent to Premier Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street as well.

An official statement released last week claims lawyers have been consulted and they have confirmed the protesters have a legal valid challenge.

The basis of the group's case will apparently be to prove that the Labour council has both overspent and also set a high rate rise to bring in more money than it needs, to counter any rate-capping next year.

Yellow Advertiser May 8, 1987.