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National Front Attack on Black Councillor

A vicious racist attack by right-wing members of the National Front was made yesterday on the single AfroCaribbean Councillor on the Council at Waltham Forest. Councillor Franklyn Georges

The attack in the form of a leaflet purporting to be a last will and testament of the Councillor was a life threatening document.

Councillor Georges who received the document in his mail expressed disgust and outrage at right-wing influence in the Borough.

"I will continue to fight discrimination and force the Council to implement positive policies in the Borough until everyone has an equal place in this multicultural society of ours."

NOTE: Interesting example of journalism, this. Frank has clearly agreed that the journalist produce a good quote (this was not his style at all-- contrast with Neil or Bill's statements almost all of which I can hear them saying when I read the words).However, the journalist was clearly a bit naive or inexperienced since he could have done better!
Asian Herald, May 7-14, 1987.
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