INDEX May 15, 1987
Vicious document

The single Afro-Caribbean councillor in Waltham Forest cllr Franklyn Georges has been sent a vicious document by the National Front: it is a leaflet purporting to be "the last will and testament of me, your local councillor, of Waltham Forest".

Stamped across the "I give and bequeath" second (NOTE: SECTION?) is: "NF say no to 62%".

Cllr Georges, who received the nasty leaflet in his mail at his home address, says he will not be deterred but "will continue to fight discrimination ... until everyone has an equal place in this multi-cultural society of ours".

Cllr Amarjit Devgun also received "an official will" saying "this is the last will and testament of Amarjit Devgun.

He believes an extreme right wing element has got involved in the passionate campaign against the rate rise in Waltham Forest, and points out that: "There are five black councillors on the Council and we were all racially abused" at the demonstrations outside the Town Hall.

New Life, May 15, 1987
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