INDEX June 1, 1987

June 1, 1987.

3 St Helier's Road,
London E10 6BH

"IT WAS 20 years ago today that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play," has been the intro on almost every documentary on radio for something like the last three weeks but it was in fact 20 years ago today that the Sergeant Pepper album came out (mono version). I heard Paul McCartney on the radio today who said that when all the fuss about the anniversary started a few months back he got out a tape and listened to the old record and he said "I liked it". I think he's trying to follow John Lennon's comment "I've never been a knocked out Beatles fan". Paul McCartney, by the way, is talking about going back on the road again.

But the really big news is that the pubs are now open until ll p.m. Monday to Thursday which probably means the death of the Prince of Wales. It also gives you a new insight into Redbridge pubs. The other day a friend and myself went to the Eagle down by Eagle Pond (you know near Snaresbrook Crown Court) and the pub shut at 10.30p.m.. They seemed such a backward primitive lot. The trend is now definitely towards more liberal licensing laws. If you go and have a meal in some of the London restaurants you can now drink until pub opening time. The restaurants are allowed to serve drink to people who have had a meal all afternoon. Pretty soon there won't be a pub left in London. They'll all be restaurants unless the licensing laws are liberalised to allow the pubs to open all afternoon as well. Then some of the cafes that serve breakfast will want to serve drinks all morning. The licensing laws are on their way out.

Regrettably the Tories don't seem to be going out with them though there is some slim chance that they may lose an awful lot of seats perhaps enough to cause the political demise of Thatcher. But it seems pretty likely that they will still have some sort of majority.

In a pub the other day I bumped into a bloke called Phil Mellows who said he used to know you. I think he worked on one of the Newham papers years ago but now he works for the Morning Advertiser. In fact we didn't just bump into each other. We were covering the CAMRA pub awards presentation which is a good piss up in anybody's language. He said he remembered me but I'm damned if I remembered him.

See you sometime.