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CHEEKY teenage stable-girl Anne Pridmore rode bareback up to Town Hall steps on Friday in a Lady Godiva-like stunt.

Anne, of Oakhill Gardens, Woodford Green, borrowed a white horse from a farm for a daring demonstration against huge rates rises.

Wearing only a blonde wig, a skimpy body-stocking and

a smile, the. 18-year-old rode in front of the HQ of, Waltham -Forest Council, who cover her home.

A friend said: "Anne works as a stable-girl in Surrey, and it was only her love of horses that persuaded her to do it.

"She was really quite shy about it all and dreaded doing it, but it all worked out all right."

The protest prank-- modelled on Lady Godiva's llth century ride through Coventry to demonstrate about the feudal system-- was the latest of many shows of strength by local ratepayers.

Like previous efforts, it was organised by the Waltham Forest Residents' Action Group who were formed after the council announced a 62 per cent rates rise last year.

Ilford Recorder July 16, 1987.
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