INDEX July 22, 1987

Revolt swells against rates

By Dick Murray

WALTHAM FOREST Ratepayers Action Group, formed to oppose a Labour council's 62 per cent rate increase, has grown so fast that a computer is to be used to keep track of new recruits.

Membership now stnds at more than 12,000 easily the biggest in London and a bank account holding £25,000 has been opened to help fund legal costs.

Now that a date has been set for the group to contest the council's rate demand through the courts the appeal for more cash has begun in earnest, said group organiser Mr Alan Crown, a local businessman.


Meanwhile a senior councillor told why he had left the controlling Labour group in protest.

Mr Richard Slack said he believed Labour councillors should have "borne in mind the constraints placed on them by central government and adjusted their expenditure accordingly".

Because of the council's attitude, said Mr Slack, there was no doubt that the Government would rate cap the borough next year, thus preventing another large increase.

Evening Standard July 22, 1987.