August 10, 1987 INDEX
Madness on the rates!

And this is how poll tax sanity would have saved the misery of Waltham Forest

By Roger Rosewell

PEOPLE of Essex are on the march again. Now, 700 years since their predecessors stormed London during the 1381 Peasants' Revolt, The ratepayers of Waltham Forest are up in arms at a 62 per cent rate rise- the second largest in Britain.

Throughout the borough, small firms are being driven to the wall, families are being pushed to make ends meet and pensioners are worrying that bailiff might, strip their homes if they can't, pay.

Three times, demonstrations of more than 5,000 people have besieged the Town Hall and one in 20 are refusing to pay their rates. Leaders of the Labour-run council are genuinely in fear of their lives. The houses of several, including council leader Neil Gerrard have been petrol bombed.

Daily Mail August 10, 1987.