INDEX October 2, 1987
Defeated ratepayers leader says:

This case had to be fought

THE ratepayers' action group will not take its protest over Waltham Forest's rates rise to the House of Lords, following last week's defeat in the Court of Appeal.

Said chairman Martin Baxter: "We had to take the case to the Appeal Court. We could never have forgiven ourselves if we had not done this and some other group in another borough did so next year and was successful."

The group sees no point in taking the action to the higher court.

It has received over £100,000 in donations, with pledges of about a further £20,000. Whether this is enough to cover legal costs depends on the council's bill.

"What we have achieved by taking the action is to make the council more aware of the public interest in how they raise and spend our money," said Mr Baxter.

The group intends keeping a close watch on council expenditure and spotlighting any area which it thinks is wrong or extravagant.

Mr Baxter is critical of the law as it stands: "The law is an ass. The law is there to protect ratepayers, but it doesn't.

"I feel the judges agreed with us totally, but, to a certain extent, "bottled out" of giving us the appeal, because they were worried about the consequences throughout the country."

WINNERS of Waltham Forest Ratepayers' Action Group's appeal draw, made on Saturday, were:

Midi hifi, no 15519; colour television, no 02074; Tefal cooker, no 00934; meal for two at Walthamstow Stadium, no 11844; pocket camera, no 01720; £25 voucher, no 00168; £25 voucher, no 11877; alarm clock, no 01036; two videotapes, no 09527; cassette case and tapes, no 11430; cutlery set, no 17992, cuddly toy, no 02373; tapes and watches, no 16002; toys, no 12158.
Waltham Forest Guardian October 2, 1987.