INDEX October 3, 1987
Sympathetic judges turn down rates appeal

Ratepayers say: 'We will fight on'

RATEPAYERS in Waltham Forest were KO'd by three Judges last week . .. and left with a colossal £150,000 bill.

The Waltham Forest ratepayers Action Group had their appeal against the council's 62 per cent rate increase turned down.

And now its the end of the legal road because leave to appeal to the House of Lords was refused.

The High Court case against the rates increase cost the campaigners £125.000 and they reckon another £20,000 plus can be added to that from last week's hearing.

But they remain defiant and plan to monitor council meetings to make sure ratepayers money is not wasted in the future.

Spokesman John Clark said they were naturally disappointed because victory could have changed the face of local Government all over the country.

"We had to fight the rate rise though," he said. "We still feel it is an unfair increase, but the courts have decided we can do nothing about it.

"So we shall monitor the council for the next two and a half years and we will highlight any waste of public money.

Councillor Bill Dennis said: "The judgement proves that all the allegations and smears against the council were unjust and it was an act of folly and absolute lunacy to go to appeal as the first judgement was very comprehensive".

Waltham Forest Express October 3, 1987