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Harassment Campaign

Support from Leyton CLP April 12, 1987.
Letter from two MPs April 14, 1987.
Chief executive on fire bombing of Neil's house April 14, 1987.
RAG Committee April 18, 1987.
Hoax wedding invite for Annie and Clive June 15, 1987.
Welder August, 1987.
See Vi Smith's letter bomb August 3, 1987.
Harassment: foundry item September 10, 1987.
Raucous personality attacks on Labour councillors. April 24, 1988.
Anonymous letter posted in South Tottenham April 30, 1988. April 30, 1988.
Orang Utan making face (lost two by-elections)
Guilty Rates Guilty (listing our names and addresses)
Fake letter bomb to Clare (actually filled with maggots, police suggested I use them for fishing)
Reflections page 1 (Mohammed Khan, Chris Dunn, Bill Dennis)
Reflections page 2 (Steve Pearpoint, Fazlur Rahman, Narinder Matharoo, Steve Jacobs)
Reflections page 3 (Vi Smith, Eddie Playfair, Bill Anstey, Denise Liunberg, Armajit Devgun, Frank Georges.)
Reflections page 4 (Frank Georges, Eric Sizer, Jerry Miles, John Wylie, Denise Liunberg, Richard Slack, Joe Levy)
Reflections page 5 (Eric Sizer as Max Wall)
Chris Dunn's sartorial style under scrutiny (a push through car wash on rates?)
Councillors for the axe (Hackney)
Hatton to pay £350k, Lambeth raises rents (rebels give in)
Voting from the grave (Miles, Pierpoint, Brind, Matharoo and Vi Smith)
Monkey faces (Caricaturing Morton, Jacobs, Dennis and Devgun)
Pay 62% for this (Emaciated four year old)
Haitian Occult Dolls (buy one to protect yourself)
Visit Russia (Waltham Forest Guardian advert)
Hatton faces jail (Is it worth it)
Fake letter from Neil (with Amarjit cutting)
Irate Ratepayers Association (Neil in silly hat)
Dog crapping Labour movement
Tender resignation
Maggots in Clare's 'letter bomb'
tell police about hols
The Counsellor, issue 7.
Racist rubbish--billet an immigrant family..