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A strange sickness

For some time now I have been feeling tired and drawn. I think it is London that does it because every time I leave the city I seem to get my old energy back.

There are certainly more cars in London than ever before and I think the pollution is worse (though it is some while since we had one of those summer photo fogs).

For a while I also thought it might be carbon monoxide poisoning but I bought two or three detectors and they found nothing.

I know it is mad to suggest it, but there are microwave transmitters about 100 metres away from my flat, on either side. I started to feel this lethargy when the second of these transmitters was put up about two years ago.

Of course I have my own mobile phone and if I use it for too long I tend to feel dizzy and disorientated. This feeling is similar to the feeling I have when I spend a lengthy period in my flat during peak phone use hours (broadly Monday to Friday 8a.m. to 6p.m.).
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