Thursday, 10 December 2009INDEX


Networking is in the Zeitgeist. There has probably never been a greater need to network since traditional relationships like family, neighbourhood, village, craft and even class are breaking down or have broken down. The 21st century seems to be all about individuals communicating with computers, the single guy punching out a message on a keyboard (that's me, by the way)! Most Networking is about forming commercial relationships of one type or another, though there certainly are other types like speed dating and expert groups. Commercial networking is potentially a revolutionary act since it should (for the most part, anyway) be able to replace the managerial capitalism of the 20th century that created huge industries, brands and vast disparity of wealth.

Yet right now when people network they seem to expect that any goods or services they obtain via this system, will be cheaper as well as more convenient.

It is as if being part of the system adds value and being outside it is second rate.

Yet it is the big corporations who sell you second rate coffee at £2 a cup, not your friendly, neighbourhood networker. It is the big corporations who waste millions on advertising, packaging, branding and the psychological control of shopping.

It is time to recognise that it is the commercial system which is shoddy and second rate. Networking lets you deal with real people, who will usually help you when you have a problem and rarely try to sell you something you don't need.

Thursday, 10 December 2009INDEX