23 March 2011 INDEX
I went to Dubai in March 2011 to shoot a promotional video about a conference. I don't know what happened to that stuff.

At the same time I shot a fair amount of street video and a scene in a restaurant the team had a meal at. This video is the product of the scenes I shot on my own time, with the music of Jo Sear, a singer I knew a while back.
I don't know who wrote the rather excellent song she sang: Dubai Rainy Night.

Dubai was/ is a remarkable place, with dangerously intense sun and a whole infrastructure benefiting from low energy air conditioning. They seem to have learned how to cope with the heat in the desert.

It also has an amazing modern metro that was built in next to no time. I got ushered out of a compartment on the metro by some very polite (and amused) women who were trying to tell me that men were not allowed to travel in that section of the train.
23 March 2011 INDEX   Jonathan Brind