11 October 2011 INDEX
On this day I had a pretty good job. Clearly I was beginning to develop my video business since I had secured a contract to video the sales conference of a major retailer.

The company was run by a charismatic guy who led from the front and expected his staff to give 100%. But he had some eccentricities: it was known that anyone whose mobile phone went off in one of his conferences would be sacked.

No appeal. No justification. Just out of the door.

I seem to recall that as I was going in to the event I got an odd call with someone holding me on the phone when I should have been setting up. Anyway, for whatever reason, I just put the phone in my pocket and dashed in to set up.

It was a close run thing but the phone shouldn't have been a matter of concern. After all I hardly ever got calls and certainly not during the day.

But half an hour in I got a call from a guy who called himself the Ratman (the star of this video I shot). When the phone rang it caused a huge peel of laughter. The room collapsed. Everyone knew what would happen.

Of course, it was my fault. I should have been more careful. I should have switched the bloody phone off. But I didn't and after that job I never heard from that retailer again.
11 October 2011 INDEX Jonathan Brind