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Police demonstrate outside anarchist film show
I went to see End:Civ ( ) with director Franklin López in Whitechapel last night. It was like entering into a science fiction world, Children of Men, perhaps. End:Civ preaches deep green environmentalism and is as hostile to light green groups like Greenpeace as it is to the oil companies. Frank is a self avowed anarchist and I took it that the premises the video was shown in was run by an anarchist group.

In the street, the forces of law and order, police officers who I took by their uniforms to be from outside the London area, massed in some numbers.

I don't think they were too bothered about us, it seemed to be just another pre-Olympics show of strength. These police demonstrations are becoming quite common in north east London right now as the forces of law and order seek to exert control over the streets, signalling that no repeat of last summer's rioting will be tolerated in 2012.

Frank explained how his video was made for about $20,000. Some bits were simply stolen, most of the very impressive interviews were shot at an environmental conference, and other sections were shot while Frank was attending events. One model of 21st century video making, perhaps. If the distributors are not going to distribute and the tv companies are not going to broadcast, what difference does it make if you rip off a few giant corporations by stealing their video?

It's a point of view. The basic message of End:Civ is that the system is so rotten that it has to be overturned in order to save the planet. If the corrupt governments and the over mighty corporations threaten the world then you have to do whatever is necessary to topple them. Reform is simply not possible. A bleak message.

Malthusianism with a 21st century twist.

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