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New Year 2012

I've been freelancing now for about five years. When I first started I thought freelancing is not really my game. At the time I had hopes that I'd get a documentary on one of the main tv channels. But that seems no nearer now that it was give years ago.

Over the years I've tried various things: making videos for company web sites, public relations, creating crosswords, videoing seminars and lately videoing training sessions.

The good news in 2012 is that I have tetained most of my regular customers and business seems to be picking up. The bad news is that I've used up most of the fairly substazntial amount of money I had when I started this adventure five years ago.

But I am luckier than most. I own my flat and there is little doubt that if the first tijkme buyers ever start to buy again, I will soon sell it.

I think I have changed as a person. I'm less brash that I was (though some of my friends might give me an argument for that!). I'm better at making friends, probazblhy because that's become more important for me.

Next year I have more work in the order book that I have ever had before. My new video Clarence Crawford: Portrait of an Artist is going to get its first public showing and I'm beginning to work on a number of other projects.

I'm surprisingly well, my kids are healthy employed and fairly well established. But I still have to decide what I'm going to be with my life when I grow up.
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