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MI5 shows its hand playing snap
Have I done something? A guy just came to the door and said he was looking for Jo at number 15. I said that's me. He then said it was something to do with a picture.

I said I know nothing about this it must be a different Jo. He then got into a plain unmarked van (with another guy in the passenger seat) and drove off. I know little of Paraparazzi (that wasn't the sort of journalism I did) but I'd guess this is the kind of technique used to obtain a snatched picture. But why on Earth would anyone want a picture of me?
Additional April 17, 2022: This was just one of a number of visits undertaken by people on behalf of MI5. Not long after this scary visit (the tabloids are so loathsome and capable of making things up that anyone can be a victim. And I had been attacked by The Sun earlier.) a procession of young men with military bearing stopped me about a hundred metres or so away from my home with ridiculous stories with the intention of getting me to hand over my phone to them. You know the sort of thing: mum's cat is stuck up a tree but I can't phone her because I have no credit on my phone... that sort of cock and bull story. MI5 may be great at catching spies (though if you read Peter Wright's book about the spooks, Spycatcher) the one thing there is almost a complete absence of is the catching of spies) but telling tall tales is not it's speciality.
Jonathan Brind
April 16, 2014