August 24, 2014INDEX
How Microsoft threatens world stability

Many years ago I was a member of a reasonably high powered IT group involved with the development of some specialist software.

I wasn't writing it. I was more like a user of the software. The subject of viruses came up and everyone had heard of them but only IT managers running big company systems had actually seen them.

These days I get sent or directed to a virus or a Trojan or some evil bit of software, every day without fail. I even got one sent to my phone yesterday.

Clearly this is Microsoft's fault. It's their operating system that is used as a platform for most viruses. If Windows was more secure and less buggy, creating viruses would be a mugs game.

It should also be possible to have a real firewall: one that really does stop intruders.

Once again that's mainly down to Microsoft but Apple also has to take part of the responsibility. It's also something to do with the lack of a proper internet police force.

Given the enormous sums of money traded over the internet such operating system bugs (which is really what viruses are) have become a threat to the entire world economy.

In a world where the police can detect criminals by tracking down CCTV pictures associated with bus tickets, it should be possible to find the identities of people who post viruses.

If nothing is done soon Google will become the dominant force in the computer world since only its Android system is something like bug free.

It isn't bug free, of course, but you could conceive of a future iteration of Android that was virus free. No-one could imagine a virus free Windows environment.
August 24, 2014INDEX