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Watch out, amateur tree surgeons at work!
Nick Levinge
When I moved into Chatham my small garden was totally overgrown by trees across the two garden fences. On one side there was a clump of about eight Maple trees which had been allowed to get out of hand.

My neighbours wanted to get rid of them, as much as I did; but everyone fears the tree surgeon's bill so they stayed where they were.

But it happened that an old friend of mine, Nick Levinge, had always wanted to be a tree surgeon but had grown up to be a solicitor. When he retired he had a hanker to return to his first love, at least on an amateur basis. So we determined to cut my neighbour's trees down (or at least most of them).

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One of the problems you don't expect when you cut down trees is the huge amount of rubbish that comes down when the tree is felled. A waste strategy is vital. Unfortunately we didn't have one.
Posted by Jonathan Brind.
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