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Blossoming for the dead
These flowers addressed to or from David appeared at Medway Park, the swimming pool I go to several times a week. I'd like to think that they are some kind of love token, offered to a regular user of the pool; but I doubt it.

In recent years the practise of putting flowers at strategic places to memoralise the dead, has become more and more pervasive.

I don't mind the ones on the side of the road since I think it does us all good to feel that the highways are dangerous. I'm less keen on the flowers that regularly appear on a bench on Great Lines Heritage Park.

OK that clearly meant something to someone, but does one really have to consider mortality while eating a sandwich and viewing Chatham below?

It is often said that the new practise comes from some kind of gypsy or folk tradition that has infiltrated our polyglot culture and it may do, but I think it is also to do with the fact that in this era of cremation, cemeteries are no longer seen as sufficient to memoralise the dead.
Posted by Jonathan Brind.
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