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Pagan symbols go up across Medway

The tradition of bringing Christmas trees into the home, of course, was brought across to Britain from Germany by Queen Victoria's late and much lamented husband Albert.

Ironically the most famous Christmas tree in Britain is the one donated by the people of Oslo each year, which stands in Trafalgar Square as a reminder of Britain's role in liberating Norway from the Nazis.

But the real point about the tree is that it was an ancient pagan tradition to bring green leaves into the home around the time of the winter solstice (hence the choice of the evergreen fir tree, one of the few green plants around at the time).

These days in addition to the Christmas tree, the Pentacle or pentagram, the five pointed star, is becoming an everyday object, often used as part of Christmas decorations. The Pentacle, is of course a potent symbol used in paganism.
Posted by Jonathan Brind.
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