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The madness of Medway

It started out like something out of an Ingmar Bergman film. Inside the locker at Medway Park swimming pool there was a small child shutting the door. It worried me.

I didn't know what to do so I tapped the cleaner on the shoulder and whispered in her ear that a small girl was playing hide and seek in locker 142.

The cleaner smiled a warm smile, which was quite a nice response.

Then in Rochester High Street I was passed by a guy on a Penny Farthing in vintage policeman's uniform with an outrageous handlebar moustache.

If it wasn't fake it should have been.

Not long afterwards a bruiser riding on a bike yelled 'smells of pigs'. I looked around and realised he meant me!

Quite flattering, if a little dangerous, to be identified as a plain clothes police officer at my age, well over the top operational age limit.

Suddenly I realised I was actually in a Fellini movie.
Posted by Jonathan Brind.
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