Saturday February 10, 2018
Parkrun: Running for life

It was cold but the sunshine was glorious. Off we went, all 370 of us, skittling towards the tight bend at the corner closest to the zebra crossing.

No zebra would have been safe crossing with that lot going helter skelter. In shorts, shivering at the start, the cold had been testing, but going up the 'Alps' (the slight hill on the way to the war memorial) the wind was bitter in our face.

It would help us when we came back again.

At the memorial the track turned spasmodically into an ice rink. We warned 'mind the ice' but hardy souls took no notice and ran straight through. My best time this year and pleasure to run.

Oh I'm going to Parkrun in the green, in the green.
With the Rebel Runners in the morn.
Where the colours clash & and the trainers dash.
At the sound of the Time Lord's horn.

Rebel Runners Sunday run mid February 2018 with me at the back on the right. Posted by Jonathan Brind.
Saturday February 10, 2018