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Last night on the way home from an excellent Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs gig at Gordon Hotel, Rochester, I came across a small man apparently beating a woman with a crutch.

I thought, I'm brave; I'm bold; I can handle a small, lame guy. So I got between them. They were difficult to separate. I could not get her to leave him. He was complaining that she had taken £20 and asking her to give him back £15.

She could keep the fiver, he said. The woman had a small child in a buggy and was complaining about the impact of his attack on the baby. Trapped in an impasse I took a tenner from my wallet and gave it to him, saying take this and leave her alone.

It stopped him complaining about the £20. As I walked home I saw that she was getting away but he was following. Strange, strange, strange. But not the oddest thing that's happened to me at the Rochester Sweeps Festival.

But I can't talk about that.
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