INDEX October 18, 2018
Howlin Mat
Saw Howlin Mat at the The Man of Kent Ale House. As you might expect he was fantastic. If you want a blues guitarist with a warm feeling, Mat is as good as it gets. But often his act is very strange.

Tonight he was a Mexican wrestler descended from a strange religious sect based in Barnsley. He wore a cape and a blue mask.
There's nothing wrong with that and there was a stage in my life when I might have done the same thing (dressed in a mask not played wonderful blues guitar, I never had any musical talent).

What bothers me is that support for artists who are about as good as it gets is paper thin, so that they have to dress as Mexican wrestlers.

There's a lot of people who'd like to see someone as wonderful as Mat, with or without the mask. What is it that stops him finding an audience?
October 18, 2018   Jonathan BrindINDEX