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The floors of Brexit

Say what you like about Brexit, and almost everything that could be said, has been said; it has certainly enriched the English language. Take the explosion of new acronyms created to explain, define and (it has to be admitted) imprison ideas and groups that have sprung up in the febrile atmosphere.

First, of course, there is LINO (Leave in Name Only), a self explanatory concept today, that would have been a complete mystery to anyone a couple of years ago.

Then, of course, there is CARPET, Conservatives Against Reasonable Progress, Economics and Trade. Alongside them there is RUGS, Rationality Usually Gets Suspended, a key pivotal group famed for both supporting and opposing Brexit simultaneously.

Weirdest of all there is UNDERLAY, Unionists, Nuts, Demented Reactionaries, Liars, Aliens and Yobs. It has been truly said that CARPET would be nothing without the foundation of UNDERLAY.

Posted by Jonathan Brind.
Wednesday April 3, 2019INDEX