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A quiet election

I did not need to watch the tv or listen to the radio to find out what was happening, on election night. At about midnight my electronic bug detector started to flash wildly and it continued to flash all night. Evidently, the buggers, whose mission it is to make my life a misery, knew they were safe with a Boris Johnson government.

My detector flashed a few times during the opening days of the election campaign, but nothing like as often as it had done in the past. Then on November 29, the flashes stopped completely.

I associated this cessation with the London Bridge terror incident and thought MI5 must be worried that the finger of blame will point at them for having a political activist under close observation, while a convicted terrorist was allowed to wander the streets, armed and dangerous.

This pattern of activity poses a problem for those who say that my detector is simply picking up background noise (perhaps freak electro-magnetic signals emitted by bats, or mice using walkie talkie radios). If the signals can stop entirely during an election campaign and re-start immediately that campaign ceases, it's hard to believe that they are anything other than what they really are: MI5 bugs.

Vintage phone lights the bulb when it rings. For more about the MI5 bugs in my home see this link.

Posted by Jonathan Brind.
Monday December 16, 2019INDEX