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Spooks confess they are causing illness

This morning the BBC is reporting that the US intelligence community believes that pulsed energy beams may plausibly explain some cases of Havana syndrome, the mystery disease that has struck down thousands in various embassies across the world.

As long ago as 1945 the Soviet Union was using a beam of radio waves to transform a passive object into a microphone that could transmit sounds from a room to a receiver station outside the building.

The Havana Syndrome is Real, official

In his book Spycatcher Peter Wright reveals that he figured out what the Russians were doing as long ago as 1951 and then developed his own prototype called SATYR, which he made available to MI5 and the Americans.

Today's BBC report is quite coy about the symptoms of the disease, but they include a ringing in the ears, dizziness and fatigue. I have been suffering from it since at least 2006.

See also today's BBC report: BBC

Spies don't they make you sick

Various source documents mentioning passive resonant cavity espionage (including Peter Wright's Spycatcher).

Peter Wright, Spycatcher, and the electronic magic of the dark side.
Jonathan Brind
Thursday Febuary 3 , 2022