Monday Febuary 14, 2022 INDEX
It has long been clear that MI5 would end up in court as a result of its wanton disregard for human rights and blatant negligence of its core mission (dealing with terrorism and spying ) but the latest development is nevertheless a surprise.

John Crilly, a 50 year old reformed criminal, became a tabloid hero when he tackled terrorist Usman Khan during the Fishmongers' Hall attack.

He is alleging that the police and MI5 (among others) let him down by failing to take reasonable care to ensure that a known terrorist (Khan was wearing a GPS tag when he committed the atrocity) was allowed to strike again.

It is inevitable that there will be many similar legal actions because MI5 has a history of acting in a slapdash manner.

(See Mail On Sunday article from 12 February 2022)
Jonathan Brind
Monday February 14, 2022