Tuesday Febuary 15, 2022 INDEX
It looks like I'm on the move again. In February 2014 I moved to Grove Road, Chatham.

Well, I have sold my house and am urgently trying to find somewhere to live in Cumbria. I may need to put my property in store and rent for a few months. I put my house on the market because a house I wanted to buy in Millom, Cumbria, became available. I thought I had bought it but the estate agents ratted on the deal.

In the mean time, I had put my property on the market and managed to sell it. So I'm off but will have nowhere to live..

When I moved to Chatham I expected it to be a crime infested dump. In fact, it is nothing of the kind; or at least that has not been my experience.

It's a very green, vibrant and friendly community; with a much more diverse age profile than London and it seems to be becoming increasingly multi cultural (which I think is a good thing).
Jonathan Brind
Tuesday Febuary 15, 2022