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Canary seemed to have a front seat at the inquiry, quoting extensive chunks of questioning of an MI5 officer.
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MI5 admits it got it wrong (again)
To err is human but to keep on doing it after you have apologised to a public inquiry for lack of attention to the main job (combatting terrorism) looks like wilful negligence. Perhaps it is.

A regional newspaper, the Lancashire Post, reported on March 16 that MI5 had expressed deep and profound regret over Manchester Arena bomb attack. No doubt this will make the families of the 22 people murdered in the Manchester Arena bombing happier. But probably not as happy as they would have been if MI5 had done a proper job and the victims were still alive.

MI5 had earlier admitted to the public inquiry into the Manchester Arena Bombing, that it was so busy it had to sub contract tasks in the North West of England.

This is a matter of concern to me because MI5 has been disrupting my life since 2006, costing the taxpayers a small fortune and taking MI5's eye off the ball so far as catching terrorists.

I am not a terrorist but in 1984 when I was secretary of the Leyton Constituency Labour Party it was my job to deal with the Iranian Mojahedin to help propel a resolution backed by the constituency through Labour Party Conference. At the time (and probably even today in Iran) the Mojahedin was supported by the CIA since they were being persecuted by the Iranian Muhallahs.

It was not even my resolution, but a skilful liar in 2006 might present my activity as supporting terrorism, since Mojahedin is one of those red flag words for the ignorant and the stupid.

If MI5 did fall for this nonsense they are probably patting themselves on the back because I have not done one single thing for the Mojahedin in the 15 years while they have been making my life a misery.

Of course, it is just a coincidence that I did absolutely nothing for the Mojahedin in the more than 15 years prior to 2006, when MI5 left me alone.
Jonathan Brind
Friday 18 March, 2022