Saturday 30 April, 2022 INDEX
Torture campaign by MI5
This is a record of hackers, hacking into my Gmail account. I only ever activate Gmail via my Chrome browser when I am using my VPN.

You can tell they are hacking in via my VPN because the IP address on the blank entries (the ones that reveal my Gmail is being hacked) have the same IP addresses as the Chrome browser entries (the ones that show me using Gmail).

I have many thousands of emails so I don't really know exactly what they are doing, but it's not just a question of them looking at my emails.

In any case, I don't really care about them reading my correspondence since I am not a terrorist or a spy. What I am bothered about is that they have also deleted critical emails connected to the sale and conveyancing of my house.

What is going on is harassment amounting to torture.
For a more recent Gmail log click this link which has an entry cataloguing my phone access to Gmail.
Jonathan Brind
Saturday 30 April, 2022