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Reply to Mike
I posted on Facebook, Google's Gmail entry log clearly showing that my Gmail account had been hacked into by someone who was not using a browser. To understand this imagine you are a hacker on a remote computer. You probably don't have access to my screen but use a command line. So when Google sees you logging into Gmail it registers the event but does not list a browser, since no browser was used. One of my old friends asked a pertinent question. Why is MI5 so obsessed with me? This is my reply:

It's tough to say Mike. Every time I supply an answer to this question I come up with a different list of possible causes, things I have done. But they are all trivial and certainly not worth the effort and expense MI5 has devoted to my case over the years.

In moments of aggrandisement I have thought that maybe the answer is an idea I had to disrupt the internet, by that I mean deny some of the biggest companies in the world the monopolies they effectively enjoy.... and that's about as far as I got when typing this message earlier today when my phone died despite the fact that it is only a few weeks old and the battery is fully charged.

So that's it! We have an answer. It's all down to my business plan! Well no I don't think so.

For one thing the monkeys who do the hacking probably have no more idea than I do what the reason for the campaign is. Judging by their standard of English (displayed when they put up pop up cards trying to persuade me to upload some sort of virus or shut down my computer) they don't really work for MI5. They are contractors.

The public school boys who populate that vile organisation may not have a clue how to catch islamic terrorists (public schools don't teach that) but they do know how to spell.

Public schools do teach grammar. But even if I am being hacked by an unusually sophisticated hacker today, it's all smoke and mirrors. They may not actually be able to do anything useful, but they know how to deceive.

In addition to killing a nearly new intelligent phone today, the hackers have been wrecking havoc in my Mac, the one I use for my work (when I have any). This is torture.

Additional, for those who say why not change your password?, Google supplies a key so you can only log in if you have the physical key. So the hackers do not hack into Gmail directly they hack into my computer using my identity and my email connection. Changing the password is not as good as having a physical key. I want MI5 to be able to hack into the computers of terrorists. I don't know how they do it but I fully support anything that prevents people being killed or maimed in terrorist attacks. On the other hand, I am a 69 year old British bloke who has no interest in religion of any kind. There needs to be some system to ensure that MI5 does not abuse its powers. Right now that system, if it exists, is not working.
If you are interested in my business plan take a look at this link from 2014. About a fortnight after I posted this MI5 sent two people round to my house posing as Paraparazzi intending to scare me in case I had any skeletons in the cupboard the tabloids might be interested in.
Jonathan Brind
Monday 2 May, 2022