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Grilled but MI5 paid for lunch
A while back an old business acquaintance contacted me and said he would be in Chatham so let's have lunch. Now I know such invitations are rarely just random and I had no interest in doing business with him, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to talk.

When the lunch happened it wasn't just the fish that got grilled; it was me as well. He interviewed me in that clumsy Z Cars style that I don't believe the police have used for a generation: but MI5 clearly still does.

One question he asked was why did I think I was being targetted by MI5. I told him that I didn't really know but that I thought it was likely to be someone I had upset in the course of my journalism.

Then quite recently Facebook reminded me that in 2014 MI5 had sent some people round to my house pretending to be Paparazzi. That visit was a couple of weeks after I had posted a blog about a business plan I had to create a human search engine branded by charities that users had to pay for, so there was no advertising.

A couple of days ago I idly speculated on Facebook that the reason why I am the victim of this MI5 harassment campaign might be to protect the companies that run huge internet based operations.

While I was in the middle of creating that post my phone (which is just a few weeks old and had a fully charged battery) died on me.

So naturally I'm thinking that MI5 is running an operation designed to make me think that my original speculation (that it all had to do with my journalism and skilful liar convinced MI5 I was a supporter of the Mojahedin) was wrong and it was just a matter of my whizz bang idea.

Maybe? Who knows? These guys are useless when it comes to catching terrorists but they know how to be deceptive.

I am sorry if this post is confusing but that's the world of smoke and mirrors.
Jonathan Brind
Tuesday 3 May, 2022