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French lessons
My 300th consecutive day of learning French today, well not really since Duolingo (as befits all good teachers) cheats a bit to encourage pupils; so I have missed a day or two.

I also clocked up a lengthy running streak prior to the latest 300, but fell out with Duolingo over the Blue Heart issue. Don't ask about the Blue Hearts...

Basically, I have been learning French daily since the start of the pandemic. Covid gave me French. Well maybe! I've never actually strung together two sentences in a conversation with any living being (in French that is) and that was never my main aim (though I would like to spend some time in a warm French speaking area in the winter).

My aim has always been to be able to read French newspapers and possibly even watch French films without subtitles. Have I achieved this? Well not really but my French has certainly improved.

Maybe 300 lessons from now I will be getting close to the high bar I have set myself.
Jonathan Brind
Monday 9 May, 2022