The Oxbow Isle (more accurately a promintory) is a small area of very dark earth between the King's Head Bridge, the Essex Wharf site and the ice rink. See regional park authority plan of 2000. The Oxbow contains a very rare Black Poplar tree. The Oxbow is suffering from the attentions of cormorants.
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              Land Ownership.
              Black Poplar damaged in high winds of June 2012.
Lea Marshes



From: mike wells
Subject: [gamesmonitor] land ownership
Date: 3 January 2012 18:19:09 GMT
To: "gamesmonitor@yahoogroups.co.uk"
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Here is some boring information that may be useful so some. I was sent it from someone in the know.

This info may be use to anyone who has had a run in with the enemy in the area north of Lea Bridge.

It concerns ownership of towpath, river, and land close to the ice rink on the east side of the Lea, north of Lea Bridge.

The Lea Valley Regional Park Authority, in an "anomalous" land deal, included in their Compulsory Purchase of the Waltham Forest lands at Leyton Marshes, the whole of the Towpath and half of the River Lee Navigation north of the Oxbow Island (which was at that time still part of Hackney). Thus LVRPA and NOT BW own the Waltham Forest half of the river, and the eastern half of the King's Head Bridge which carries the official Navigation Towapth across the channel. The western half of the bridge in Hackney is owned by British Waterways (there is some dispute over the exact point of the demarcation!) The LVRPA's ownership of the River Lee Navigation and Towpath ends at the Parish boundary with Walthamstow, and adjacent to Walthamstow marshes as far as the Horseshoe Bridge BW own the Towpath. This has been checked with the maps supplied with by Waltham Forest Estates and Property Services, and this appears to be correct.